Welcome to the official web site for the Oxnard Peace Officers’ Association!

We hope you will find the information within this website current and useful. The OPOA is constantly trying new approaches to keep our members and members of the general public up to date on what is occurring within the police department and our association.

We are very similar to other law enforcement associations but also completely different from the general labor union. We are involved in negotiating for our membership and representing them as in any labor organization. We go further by involving ourselves within our community by supporting many of the programs, which makes Oxnard an enjoyable and safe community.

We support many other charitable organizations as well as department related activities that our members are involved in. We also are very involved with local and state politics. We support legislation that makes it easier or better for law enforcement personnel to do their jobs and to keep the public safer. We oppose legislation that we believe has a negative impact on law enforcement.

We want to see our business community and neighborhoods thrive, and support healthy relationships with the city and various business interests. We know that one way to accomplish this is by having a highly motivated, well-trained and properly staffed police department to police our community.