The OPOA Elected Officers, and Board of Directors


Elected Officers

Mike Johnson, President


Scott Coe, Vice President

Edgar Fernandez

Edgar Fernandez, Treasurer


James Crilly

James Crilly, Secretary


Don Ehrhardt

Don Ehrhardt, Board Member

Carey Everhart

Carey Everhardt, Board Member

Ken Tougas

Ken Tougas, Board Member

Mike Gregson

Mike Gregson, Board Member


Cody Collet, Board Member


Jared Schacher, Board Member



Past Presidents

2013 – 2015
Chris Williams
2011 – 2012
Mike Young
2010 – 2011
Curt Smith
2009 – 2010
Greg Hebert
2005 – 2009
Jim Seitz
2004 – 2005
Steve Moore