Oxnard Police Department’s Fallen Heroes

We will never forget our fallen heroes:

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Officer Jim Jensen                                                           EOW: March 13, 1996

Deputy Constable Andrew McNaughton         EOW: March 23, 1906

Officer Albert Gasperetti                                             EOW: April 15, 1956

Constable William Kelley                                           EOW: August 20, 1921

Sr. Officer John Adair                                                   EOW: October 7, 1980

Officer Fredrick Clark                                                 EOW: October 12, 1971

Officer Jim O’Brien                                                       EOW: December 2, 1993


Deputy Constable Andrew McNaughton

Age: 43

Tour: 2 years

Cause: Gunfire

E.O.W: March 23, 1906


Night Watchman McNaughton was shot and killed while on duty. His body was found in an alley with a single gunshot wound to his head the following morning. Three suspects were apprehended a few days later and charged with murder.

One of the suspects was convicted of first degree murder and sentenced to life. Another suspect was declared incompetent to stand trial and committed to an insane asylum.

-Source: Officer Down Memorial

Constable William E. Kelley


Age: 58

Tour: 13 years

Cause: Gunfire

E.O.W: August 20, 1921

William E. Kelley was hired as an Oxnard police officer in 1907, serving under then-chief William Reno.  When Reno resigned, Kelley was appointed Chief.

If police officers could be awarded medals for bravery and heroic actions like the military, Chief Kelley would have earned at least three Purple Hearts.  He was shot three different times over the course of his career a police officer.

In the 1891, while serving as a police officer in Minnesota, Chief Kelley was first wounded in the line of duty. While escorting a prisoner to jail, the prisoner suddenly produced a gun and shot Kelley in the leg. Kelley pulled his gun and killed the prisoner, shooting him four times before the prisoner hit the ground.

In 1914, he and three officers were sitting in a cigar store in the area of Third and A streets when a person came in, drew a revolver and shot Kelley and two of the other officers.  New accounts of the day stated “In spite of a bullet wound two inches from his heart, Kelley sprang up and seized the would-be murderer and marched him off to jail after disarming him.

In 1921, Sheriff McMartin and Marshal Kelley teamed up to serve an arrest warrant on a fugitive in Owensmouth, the area now known as Canoga Park. As the lawmen approached the fugitive’s home, gunfire erupted and both McMartin and Kelley were fatally wounded. After shooting the two lawmen, the suspect fled into a nearby bean field pursued by some 100 ranchers and citizens. When the posse finally came upon him, it was found he had shot and killed himself.Kelley was laid to rest in the mausoleum at Oxnard’s Santa Clara Cemetery.

Officer Albert Gasperetti

Age: 43

Tour: N/A

Cause: Automobile Accident

E.O.W: April 15, 1956

Officer Albert Gasperetti was killed in an automobile accident while on duty.

-Source: Officer Down Memorial

Senior Officer John Adair

Age: 31

Tour: N/A

Cause: Gunfire

E.O.W: October 7, 1980

Officer Adair was shot and killed while responding to a domestic dispute. Despite being mortally wounded, Officer Adair, and his partner, were able to return fire and killed the suspect.

Officer Adair’s wife was on a ride along with him at the time and witnessed the shooting.

Officer Adair was survived by his wife and two children. One of his children, Kevin Adair, later became an Oxnard police officer.

-Source: Officer Down Memorial


Officer Fredrick Clark

Age: 28

Tour: 2 years, 3 months

Cause: Gunfire

E.O.W: October 12, 1971

Officer Frederick J. Clark was born in Orange, New Jersey, on August 23, 1943. He moved to the San Fernando area in 1946 with his family. He attended and graduated from Birmingham High School, Van Nuys, California. He attended Los Angeles Pierce College in Los Angeles, California, and he was presently enrolled in classes at Ventura College.

Prior to accepting a position with the Oxnard Police Department, Officer Clark had been employed by Hughes Markets from 1960 to 1969. At this time, he accepted a position as a police officer with the City of Oxnard.

During the time he was with the Oxnard Police Department, Officer Clark made many contributions and achievements, including graduation from the Ventura College Police Academy, Drivers Training certificates from the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department, Operation and Use of Breathalyzer, and First Aid from the National Red Cross. Officer Clark received certificates from the Federal Bureau of Investigation for Chemical Agents Training, Law Enforcement Officers Training School in Contemporary Police Problems at Moorpark College for Urban Warfare Institute, from the National Safety Council for participation in the Defensive Driving Schools, and from the Peace Officers Standards and Training for completion of required courses for Police Officers.

In the twenty-seven months that Officer Clark served the community, he received numerous letters of commendation from citizens praising his fairness, alertness and humanity. He had been chosen as one of the Department’s representatives at the “Rap Sessions” held in the Colonia area earlier in the year.

He was always held in high esteem by his fellow officers who continually commended his willingness and sincerity in helping others.

Officer Clark will be deeply missed, not only by his wife, daughter, family, friends, and fellow officers, but also by the community for which he gave his life to serve and protect.


Officer Jim O’Brien

Age: 35

Tour: 9 years

Cause: Gunfire

E.O.W: December 2, 1993

Officer O’Brien was shot and killed by a man who had shot seven people, killing three of them during a shooting spree at an unemployment office. Officer O’Brien was shot with a deer rifle as he pursued the man near Olivas Park Drive and Victoria Avenue in Ventura by an unemployed computer engineer.

Officer O’Brien had served with the agency for 9 years. He was survived by his wife, daughter, son, mother, brother and three sisters.

-Source: Officer Down Memorial

Officer Jim Jensen


Age: 30

Tour: 4 years

Cause: Gunfire

E.O.W: March 13, 1996

Officer James Jensen was shot and killed by friendly fire during a high risk warrant service. The agency’s tactical team was serving a warrant on a house where three heavily armed drug-ring leaders were believed to be located.

Another officer, whose vision was obscured as the result of smoke from a Light, Sound Diversionary Device (LSDD), mistook Officer Jensen for an armed suspect and opened fire on him with a shotgun. He was transported to a local hospital where he died a short time later.

Officer Jensen had served with the Oxnard Police Department for 4 years. He is survived by his wife and two daughters.

-Source: Officer Down Memorial